Sunday, March 04, 2007


History buffs: What are your favorite topics in history?

Up until recently I never considered myself a history buff. The only two topics that peaked my interest were Hitler and the Donner Party. Strangely enough ever since I've been out of school most of my free time is filled with all things historic. Here are some of the topics that peak my interest above all else: Egyptology but I really love the history of Akhenaten, Benjamin Franklin, Aaron Burr, Mayan and Incan Empires..actually it all interests me equally...the epic story of life on this planet is quite enigmatic and I just can't seem to put the book down.

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Patrick said...

I wouldn't call myself a 'buff', per se... that would imply knowledgabilit. I love human history, though. It is fascinating to see all the triggers that launched us over the obstacles we ran into over 5,000 years. Granted, we have built plenty more obstacles now... but we may just save ourselves yet. :D

I wouldn't pick a specific area. American history.. what about Columbus? ..what about the Spanish Inquisition? ..what about medieval Europe? ..the aftermath of the Romans? ..Cyrus and the entire world?

It is so much to think about, and always worth it.