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Peer Pressure

6:04 PM - Peer Pressure
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Peer PreSSure!!!!! Help!!!?

.... A close friend of mine is really "kikay/girly" and al of my class mates don't like her. What will I do??? Stick with her even if all of my classmates would hate me or go with the crowd and loose her friendship??... it Sounds Easy But in REality it's very HArd..

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I have been in that very situation several times; in elementary school, elementary, jr. high, high school and in adulthood. All except one time I chose the one friend that no one liked. Almost always did they all end up being friends...unfortunately, they always turned against me...and though it hurt...and still does...I have no regrets (except for the time I abandoned the lonely friend) because I did the right thing. I can be proud of what kind of person I was and that feeling is everlasting. When I dissed the friend for the crowd I regret it to this day, that feeling is everlasting too.

What if you were the "odd" one and someone else was asking this question about you?

As long as you choose to be part of society you will be plagued with the dilemmas of peer pressure. What you need to ask yourself is what kind of person do you want to become. Do you want to live a life in the shadow of what "others" may think of you? Here is some to think about. "You" have to be with "you" all the time. "You" can only be sure of what "you" think or feel. If "you" are not "you" then how will you ever know if anyone likes "you" or they just like that "you" do what ever they want.

I've always been myself and no one else and its served me well. I always try to defend the victims of peer pressure and in the end deep down inside those pressuring others are just as lost as you are. People feed on hate, fear and misery it makes them feel superior. But no one is.

If you want to be friends with this person be friends with them. If the crowd dis likes you then were they really your friend?

I know its hard so just be nice to everyone, be yourself and build yourself up without it being at the expense of someone else.


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ThaNKs A loT to All Of you Who Answered!!! you heLPed me alot!!!

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