Friday, January 26, 2007

Like Mike, is Kobe just like Mike?

Is it true that kobe byrant is playing like Jordan?

Fans and sadly sports journalists constantly praise and condemn by comparison. Too often those comparisons are done improperly. Yes like Mike, Kobe is the shining pupil of the great Phil Jackson. And yes, now like Mike, Kobe is at the top of the infamous triangle offense. Other than perhaps their incredible desire to win and ability to make it happen, they are two different people, two different players, in two different teams, in two different times. Rather than award one by their own merit we dilute their accomplishments by needlessly paralleling any similarities to a glories of the past.

I'm not suggesting we completely separate the achievements of the past from the present. Instead I implore the fans of basketball's beloved past and NBA fans of the present to revel in the enigmatic presence of these two individuals and what may come in the future.

***And about Kobe wanting to change his number to 24 to be above Jordan...that's about as true as him doing it to show support for Jack Bauer. a bit of research...that was his number when he was in high school.

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