Saturday, January 27, 2007

I am illiterate, i can't write a proper essay. How can i improve my writing skills?

I am illiterate, i never did all my homework in high school and now it's comming back to hunt me for the rest of my life on this Earth.

How can i write a good eassy? What can i do to help me? Would writing a essay every week help improve my writing skills? What techniques are able to improve that skill?

I've been reading more but that doesn't seem to help my writing skills, it did improve my reading skills, dramatically.

I am currently in a Community College at the moment just taking basic course, which makes me feel like a freaking loser.I need to improve on my concrete writing skills before i enroll in a college level English class and make a fool out of my self.

First of all don't feel stupid. The most important thing is that you are trying to educate yourself now and that you are seeking help. But you have to know that there is no easy way...remember you took the easy way out before and now its come back to haunt you.

You should practice writing every day. It would be helpful if you could find someone to help you. A good way to learn is to use what is called the imitation technique. By the way kudos on reading more that is the first step. Select some sentences from your readings and copy them from the book on to a piece of paper then try to imitate the structure of the sentence with your own words right under the sentence you copied from your book.

You are also best to pay attention and try to learn as much as you can in your class. If you are having difficulties following along with the class then you need to address your issue and speak to the teacher or seek out a some assistance, perhaps a fellow student. If you really can't find anyone, maybe you can find someone on line that you can send your writings to proofread and give you suggestions.

The most important thing for you to know is that it is perfectly ok to make mistakes. I've read plenty of published articles by "journalists", presumably college graduates, riddled with poor grammar, improper structure and just incredibly hard to follow. So, don't be so hard on yourself.


I'm merely a student too, but I'd be willing to help as much as I can, whenever I can. Email me directly if you


Anonymous said...

hi there,

i came across to one of your answer in 'yahoo.answers' and i was really impressed by how you tried to help the kid with the literacy problem.

is that kind of problem getting common in your area? or in your country?

well in this country, we get that because students now are more into playing 'on line' games rather than studying the essential basics.
literacy rate is also becoming a problem because of decreasing educational standards, and the government has a lot to do with this.

and ah, by the way. just have a small question to ask you. its ok if you can't dwell on it much.

if I'm going to publish a book in your country where should i go to. any recommendations?

well, take care of yourself

god bless !

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Calvine said...

This is great info to know.

Anonymous said...
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