Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dear Senator

How fortunate are we to have the freedom to address our governing bodies with our concerns without fear for our safety. Whether or not we as citizens and you as servants of this great nation share the same beliefs, ideals, principles or faiths; we do share the freedom to do so, or more importantly to not do so. I ask that you and your colleagues please forgive our lack of appreciation for all you do. As a child may not understand the reasons of a parents rule; we protest your concern for our best interest. We trust our well being is a foremost thought when you neglect to listen. And in times of difficulty for you to discern what is best for "We the People" and best for your belief; you will refer to the proper guide in making your decision. Did we forget why our ancestors came to this land. Did we rewrite the fundamentals our fore fathers built our nation on. I did not forget how those before me fled religious persecution to this land. The people were forced to bear arms and give their lives for something greater than the land beneath their feet. And so it was written our right to freedom of thought, freedom of faith and freedom to live in pursuit of happiness. I am sure you are all quite aware of what you have dedicated your lives great efforts for. Maybe the lies, the pain and disregard for our concerns were to teach us all a great lesson. Is it the greed, the control, do we deserve this punishment or have you forgotten what it is that sustains our beloved nation, that which you stand upon. THE SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!

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