Saturday, June 23, 2007

Education begins at home

You know I’m so sick and tired of people blaming the school system for their children not being up to par with “global” standards. I attended public school and had excellent teachers, one of which one was awarded teacher of the year by Disney. My boyfriend and his younger siblings all attended the most prestiges private schools in my area and let’s just say you only need money to get a degree. So yes there are bad teachers out there but education begins at home. Parents don’t spend enough quality time with their children in their early years. If you’re children attend daycare make sure it has an educational program. If someone is babysitting your child ensure they are being read to. I’m 26 and I started tutoring kindergarten children at 12 as well as had a summer job babysitting my one year old cousin. Every day I fed her breakfast in her highchair in front of the TV with The Little Mermaid video and captions to read along. You are their most influential educator. Don’t be intimidated by fear that you’re not as educated as you would like. Be there for them and seek help if you need it. There are free services everywhere…Early Educational Development Centers often accept govt aid for those who can’t afford it. Libraries are free and offer an abundance of resources.

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