Friday, February 17, 2006

Walls of stone

Every day it becomes more and more apparent how crucial the study of world history is in all of our lives. Anthropologists study past civilizations to understand our present day society. We practice this same analysis in our personal lives. Although too often dwelling on our mistakes, displacing the blame on others. Never to realize the reasons for our dismal state of life. I try to discern if it is simply that man cannot learn the lesson without making the mistake or if stubborn ignorance is more to blame for this grave delay in humanitarian progress. Sometimes I wonder if possibly I hold our governing body in an esteem much too high. To me it just seems so obvious. Perhaps the allergies have migrated the congestion from my head to my nose because I've happened upon a new found land of clarity; really I can probably attribute my new state of concious to the love I found but I don't want to get all hippie on you and then you call me an anti-american; I figure if I relate to the pharmaceutical industry I'll appear more patriotic. But I am not quite the talented writer so I am best to just be upfront. Normally at the age of twenty-five the brain is fully developed. Adulthood begins to settle and natural instincts lead the way. Marraige, children, shelter and death. At twenty-five years and four months old I lag behind my female peers in the quest to procreate and settle. To my great fortune my lack for the life familiar has not prevented wonderous love to fill my world. I suppose I owe a debt of grattitude to the social retardation I suffer. For had I not lived alone in my tower of indecipherableness I would not have torn down my wall. Alone in my dark I found the way by observing the foot steps of those before me. Exploring all the paths but careful not to follow any one set too closely for I fear to meet their demise.
I know as usual I've wandered off my intended path...I hear footsteps so it must be time for me to dine. What set me off this time...Walls. No good has ever come from the building of walls. They only exist metaphorically and literally to as defenses to shield our insecurities. The Berlin wall has fallen and the not so Great Wall of China...haven't been exactly the best examples of efficiency but yet our most prolific administration yet feels like "He he...we should build the commies and the nazis...hehe I can't believe I just said that!"
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