Saturday, May 28, 2005

I am not the devil's play toy

Someone once told me that I should never speak of my shortcomings or fears aloud, nor should I fear to say what the name of a god called Jehovah, for if I did I would only be empowering the demons that are among us.
To this I respond, I am a person who’s understood that my whole life, but just in different words. To voice the things that I fear are true without having overcome them is something I knew others would use against me. For a misunderstanding of words is always prevalent. My appreciation of language is founded by the power in which it has. I speak the words that others fear repetitively, and I say them without regard any word. I see the desecration of words every day and hold contempt for those who do not see what they have done. I use my words to comfort those who do not believe in me, or believe in myself. It is the only tool I have to do something of worth on this earth. But inside of me is where I speak. Where my truth resides. As ambivalent as I am…I find this tool to be powerless to use against me.

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