Thursday, April 28, 2005

Popped...this one doesn't count...the other one's for marriage

Well, I would be lying if I said this was my first time. Technically it is. I have done it before but not like this. At least to me it felt different. Even so I'm going to try and make sure that it is. All the times before were just practice for this, although I'm really using this for practice. This is going to be me R.A.W. and uncut...aside from some minor editing here and there Just a bit of spell check and a thesaurus or not.

Well enough of the foreplay...

My name is ...doesn't matter...I am just somgrl8 who has a lot on my mind and what I'd like to blame on an undiagnosed severe case of adult ADD, but is probably just laziness or lack of self confidence...what was I saying...oh yeah. I'm just lost trying to get found....and hoping if I don't get to where I'm supposed least you all won't be so totally f*ed trying to keep up with me.

My thoughts are often referred to as random but que seraw seraw! right....?
I will touch on a bit of everything hopefully leading you all to my other various blogs that will be more specific so that I can become my own conbloglomerate (conglomerate ~ I'm not stupid just corny!)...of mass the next a0l ~ t!meWARN!R.

I am semi normal...I am in a longterm committed relationship, I am a daughter, sister, friend, lover, hater, basher, biter, poser, poster...friendster and even better I've got myspace!

I beg of you...tune back...or click back or whatever....I need attention...remember...I'm in the deficit in attention department...don't turn me into another G.W.!

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